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Hey Guys, here we go …. Time to take all these new songs and make what I believe will be a very,  very special record. I’m thinking these songs will be best served with an organic approach. Real songs, recorded by Real musicians on Real instruments, in a Real recording studio. Excited to get started and you can help support the effort. This is our version of “Go Fund Me.” 

Below is a list of things I want to offer folks for their support in the making of this record. Those of you who know me, know that most of what’s listed here I would do for nothing, and most of the time do. 

Some of you may be in a position to afford  some of these things. I’m pretty sure all of you can afford to pre-buy the record. Any level of support helps. Thank you in advance for your prayers and support in whatever way you choose to. God bless you all. Bf.

PLEASE note your SELECTION with donation. (All offers include a CD and digital download.)

1. Personalized CD $ 50.00

2.  Happy birthday video call from Billy with a song of your choice,  $ 75.

3. Name mention in the credits on Billy’s CD: $100.

4. Personalized handwritten lyrics of a song of their choice, $ 200.

5. Personalized thank-you video message from the artist: $300.

6. Signed handwritten lyric sheet framed with a photo of the artist: $350.

7. 40-minute Skype or Zoom call with the artist for a Q&A session; up to 5 people: $400.

8.  Virtual songwriting session with the artist to co-write a song: $500. for up to two people per session

9. Private online 1-hour interactive concert for the backer and their friends/family; choose 5 songs: $500.

10.  Songwriting workshop led by the artist, either in person or online;  1 or 2 people: $600. per session.

11.  Collaborative songwriting session with Billy at his Nashville home. Tell your love story or testimony with an Acoustic recording of Billy performing the song or choose to sing it yourself :  $750. (up to 4 people.) - With full production of recording: $2000.

12. Come visit the Nashville studio during the recording of Holy Ghostwriter: $800. (for two people.)

13.House party: a full acoustic performance in your home or venue of choice  $3000. - $5000. (depending on location)

14. Executive producer credit on CD. Copy of Billy and Teri’s feature length film; song writing session or song written about your story. $5000. (includes 10 autographed CD’s)

Ps: if you see something you like or would like to do and can’t afford listed price, 

Write us @ Billyfalcon@billyfalcon.com  and we can discuss what you can afford and we’ll try to make it work. 

Thanks for your support!

PLEASE note your SELECTION with donation. All offers include a CD and digital download.

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Holy Ghost Writer

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