Someone once said that, after silence, music comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible. Singer/songwriter Billy Falcon’s music has a way of doing just that. As an artist uses color, Falcon uses words and music to convey life’s beauty and fragility, the joy, and the heartache, the disappointment, and always, the hope.

Over his career, Billy’s albums have each remained true to his hallmark of beautifully crafted songs with lyrics that move the listener to laugh, cry, think, remember, and always, to hope. His latest record, "Holy Fire,” features eleven songs that each continues that legacy. A poet, artist, and craftsman in the purest sense, Falcon somehow puts words and melody to all that it means to be human. The moving title track, “Holy Fire” elicits the spiritual awakening that underlies Falcon’s strength and vulnerability, passion, and humor which are woven throughout the album. From “Everybody in the House” and "Purple Church", to the humble recognition of "Mercy Got Me Here", you get the sense that the Spirit of God has inspired Billy and if you have ears to hear, he has somehow managed to convey it in the songs. The record is a lyrical and musical testament that declares the greatness of God, and our saviour, Jesus Christ, even as the music maintains his authenticity, freshness, and significance. Like the spirit of faith, hope, and love that is his muse, Falcon’s music endures.

Billy has also co-written over 50 songs recorded by Bon Jovi, including Just Older, Last Man Standing, Everybody’s Broken, When We Were Beautiful, Superman Tonight, and the title track on their recent release, This House is Not For Sale.

While he continues to write, perform, record and produce records, Billy’s primary focus is on reaching individual people with the inspiration of God’s word, which he does primarily through his Nashville home fellowship, “Little Church”. He recently completed a faith-based feature film titled “Million Dollar Song”. Look for that in 2019.